How to use breadboard And to make A circuit?

How to use breadboard – It can be used to provide temporary connection of components of a circuit.

What Is Breadboard?

A breadboard is an electronic device for temporary connecting or holding the components of a circuit. Or we can say it offer solder less connection of components of a circuit.


  • The metal strips are put inside of Plastic cover.
  • The holes on breadboard forming rows and columns. Not all holes are connect to each other.
  • There are the group of holes which are connect in rows or in columns.

Connection of holes in Breadboard

  • In Box 1 and 2 each column is internally connect as shown in given image
  • Box 3,4,5 and 6 each has  2 rows in which there is 5 group having 5 holes. The group is highlight by red box. Holes are internally connect in each group. Also the groups are connect in each row of any Box No 3,4,5 and 6.
Fig. How to use Breadboard diagram: Showing how the holes are internally connect to each other.

How To use breadboard?

As we know there are many section in which a row or column is internally interconnect. Suppose we want to connect a resistor to power supply. Then we can make connection as follow:

  • First we have to connect one of the terminal of power supply to a hole of any section.
  • Then we connect the one terminal of resistor to the hole of that section in which power supply terminal is connected. So that both devices are connect to each other.
  • Now take other terminal of resistor and connect it to the hole of any other section. And then connect the second terminal of power supply to the hole of same section.

Finally we have a complete circuit.

How To use breadboard, breadboard showing the circuit of resistors in series and parallel, circuit of led
Fig. How to use Breadboard diagram:  Showing 3 different Circuit which are independent to each other.

Application and it’s Function

  • Breadboard is used where we do not want to make connection permanently.
  • Also it is best when we make a prototype of any circuit.
  • Most noteworthy make the connection of circuit simple and the circuit looks great.

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