Microprocessor vs Microcontroller


Microprocessor vs Microcontroller – They are the backbone of today’s smart devices. They are use in mobile phones, set top box, oven, washing machine, digital signal processing, etc. The main component of the most popular electronics board like Arduino, Raspberry pi, Nodemcu, etc. is the microcontroller. They are the brain of most of electronics projects. Before discussing microprocessor vs microcontroller, let us first know about them.

What is a microprocessor ?

A microprocessor is a general purpose programmable electronics device that take input data and then process the input data based on instruction/program stored in memory and finally gives output.

In simple language, it is a programmable logic device that is use to on or off the devices. And we can control the devices. It has computing and decision making capabilities which is similar to CPU of a computer.

To use the microprocessor in any project, we need to connect external memory( RAM and ROM), I/O ports, ADC, timers, etc.

What is a microcontroller?

A Microcontroller is also a programmable electronic device that perform the same function as microprocessor but it has many other functions as well.

A microcontroller has a CPU( microprocessor) in addition to a fixed amount of Read only memory( ROM ), RAM, I/O ports, timers, ADC, Counters etc. which all are in a single chip.

Microprocessor vS Microcontroller

The following image shows the major difference between microprocessor vs microcontroller:

Microprocessor VS Microcontroller
Microprocessor VS Microcontroller

Similarity Between Microprocessor vs Microcontroller

  • Both are clock driven programmable logic device.
  • Can be have RISC or CISC architecture.
  • Contains common components such as Arithmetic and logical unit, control unit, Data and address buses, register array, flag bits, etc.
  • Both have computing and decision making capability and use to On or Off the devices.
  • Comes in 8 bit, 16 bits 32 bit, 64 bit, etc. architecture form.

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